T&H Consultancy

Our Approach to Helping Your Business

Recent research from Bord Bia suggests that Ireland’s food-service industry, now valued €7.8 billion to the Irish economy, is on track to reach €9 billion by 2021. There are over 33,000 individual restaurants and eateries across the country, so how do you stand apart from the crowd?

17% of this market is made up of pub restaurants and a further 11% by café and other dining establishments. Do you want a slice of that pie? Tom and Hugh have spent the lions’ share of their career in pub and restaurant kitchens and have gained extensive knowledge and understanding of how they work and critically why they do not succeed. 

15% percent of Irish restaurants close within the first year but the real pain-point for businesses in in the third to fifth year of operations when the failure rate soars to 37%, rising to 53% after five years in business.

From their experience, Tom and Hugh have observed that these closure rates are usually avoidable. With their expertise and guidance, Tom and Hugh can revolutionise your restaurant business by implementing a simple recovery plan.

The Tom & Hugh System

Implementing a strategic vision and effective management of both the front-of-house and kitchen operations are the corner stones of Tom and Hugh’s consultancy service. Starting with a site assessment they will forensically analyse the kitchen and restaurant operations in complete confidence and provide a report with independent advice, tailored to your restaurant needs. Following this Tom and Hugh are available for training and assistance in implementing the improvements that will make all the difference to your business. 

How We Help

Business appraisals

From your locale, to your customers, your kitchen to your front of house operations, every element of your business is reviewed and reported in the strictest of confidence.

Local Suppliers

We are huge advocates for locally sourced products, producers, food supplies and equipment. It’s an essential ingredient to your business workings.

Kitchen Design & Layout

Effective kitchen design maximises kitchen efficiency. Is your front of house space maximising on covers? Tom & Hugh look at all aspects to increase yield and output.

Menu Planning

Through vast experience, Tom & Hugh understand the food that’s right for your customer. With assistance in menu planning you can increase profits and save on food and labour costs.

Health & Safety

Health and safety are paramount in the restaurant trade where the risks are always higher. Stay informed and create a safe, supportive working environment for your staff and patrons.

Start-up Kitchen

Get the advice you need early, before you make the big investment. If you’re just starting out, then avail of over 40 years experience through Tom & Hugh and get it right from the beginning.